Dedicated Email Blasts – Members Only Exclusive

Have a great promotion coming up and you want to expand your marketing reach beyond your current email list?

Consider using the Members Only Exclusive Benefit of advertising through the chamber’s contact lists!

Dedicated Email Blasts are a great way to:

  • Direct people to your social media accounts to follow you
  • Sell a product
  • Promote an event and sell tickets
  • Any other Call-To-Action

Over the last six years the Yountville Chamber has been cultivating and growing its list of contacts through the Yountville website, Google Ads, Facebook, and visitors in the Yountville Welcome Center.  Our lists consist of chamber members, locals, and anyone across the globe who has signed up to receive communication.

Here is a rundown of our contact list:

  • 7,800+ Contacts
  • Geographic Segments
    • 31% Napa Valley & Chamber Members and Employees
    • 47% Bay Area
    • 13% California, Outside of Bay Area
    • 9% Outside of California
  • New contacts are signing up every day!

We are also proud to boast higher than industry average for Open Rates and Click Through Rates at 29% and 14% respectively.

For $250 per email blast, we design the entire email for you and discuss which email segments are best to target.  Space is highly allocated, and reservations must be made a minimum of two weeks in advance.

Click here for an example.

Reach out to Elizabeth Hecock at to schedule your email through the Yountville Chamber!