The Yountville Chamber of Commerce is excited to once again partner with Christopher Pappe, Founder of  CRP Wine Trade Solutions, on a new Webinar called Hiring Your “A” Team. CRP Wine Trade Solutions is a full-service Wine Business agency assisting small to medium-sized wineries and importers, develop strategies, and recruit talent to enhance sales and marketing channels such as Direct to Trade, Direct to Consumer, Brand Messaging, 3 Tier Sales optimization, Social Media, eCommerce, Winemaking and Telesales.

Below Christopher Pappe outlines what you will learn (and why it is so important) during our panel discussion with HR professionals from the Hospitality Industry in Napa County.

Wine country will be faced with considerable hiring challenges as we emerge from Covid.  There are lessons aplenty.  As we head into the hiring season, it is important to move quickly and be efficient.  Our teams need to function cohesively and, on all cylinders, as we search, vet, and onboard new talent in our establishments.  We acknowledge that our next great hire’s  “Must Haves” of experience, personality, and energy need to be tapped in order to become a great hire.  We will want to match the growth trajectory of our company initiatives to the shared values and aspirations of our team.  Read Maynard Webb’s “ Reboot Work” – Be the CEO of Your Own Career, and you will find out why on top of Covid, over 70% of the U.S. workforce is disengaged and unproductive.

Prior to Covid, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management professed that labor represents the single most important threat to the economic stability of Napa and Sonoma.  To find and retain an engaged hire we might consider our own motivations for our company’s growth and success.  Defining what success looks like its going to be crucial to attracting “A” talent.  Can we think a bit deeper about emerging from Covid and can we envision what the next generation worker is going to look like, want, and how they evoke ideas of prosperity?  This might require a revised series of approaches and certainly will demand that we balance conveying the value proposition of the job being offered against our nature to respond to the “A” player astute at the art of selling him/her self to you.  The trick is to recognize the motivation behind both parties, screen for red flags, and not prejudge, but recognize the sometimes passive, but potentially engaged winning candidate.

On Thursday, March 25, the Yountville Chamber of Commerce and BANG Napa Valley are bringing together a group of HR professionals to discuss how YOU can hire your “A-Team”. Panelists include Jenner Sampton, Director of HR and Bardessono & Hotel Yountville, Julie Secviar, Human Resources Director at Thomas Keller Restaurant Group, Jennifer Douglas, Co-Managing Partner at Dickenson, Peatman & Fogarty, and Christopher Pappe, Founder of CRP Wine Trade Solutions. The Panelists will discuss the current hiring climate in Napa County and address key topics every hiring manager should be thinking about. These topics include:

  • Why phone screening is important and what to ask.
  • What a behavioral approach is to interviewing and example questions.
  • How to create a creative search for potential employees.
  • Common pitfalls that hiring managers need to be careful of.
  • Top takeaways and checklist for a successful interview.

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