As the voice of business, the Yountville Chamber of Commerce advocates at the Local, County and State levels. Working to ensure a strong and diverse local economy both here in Yountville and Napa County.

Why is this important? Having a vibrant local economy, leads to an outstanding quality of life for the citizens of Yountville and Napa County. The success of our businesses ensures the success of our community.

We believe in fostering positive working relationships with our local elected officials, town and county staff to collaborate around issues important to our economic success. Examples of these issues include; traffic, parking, housing, local ordinances, permits and more.

We work diligently with business and community leaders to understand their needs for operating a successful business. Where are the sticking points? How can we work together with our local government agencies to alleviate these sticking points where possible.

The Yountville Chamber of Commerce does not endorse candidates running for office or ballot measures. We prefer to provide our community with education opportunities to learn about candidates or ballot measures. That is why this year, we are hosting the November 2020 Election Forum!

The November 2020 Election Forum took place on Wednesday, October 7 from 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. via YouTube or Facebook Live. The Forum featured the four Yountville Town Council candidates: Councilmember Margie Mohler, Councilmember Jeff Durham, candidate Scott Owens and candidate Eric Knight. It also featured a discussion about the Cannabis Ballot Measure T. To view the recording click here.

The Yountville Chamber of Commerce is a champion for a strong local economy. We reside at the intersection of helping businesses succeed and our community thrive. To learn more about our advocacy and public policy work, please click here.

Whitney Diver McEvoy
President & CEO
Yountville Chamber of Commerce