Art Has A Seat At The Table

Yountville’s Art Walk is emerging as a Wine Country destination that enhances the experience of the small town known for its Food and Wine by bringing Art to the table.

In 2009, a handful of Yountville residents came up with the idea of placing sculptures and art pieces throughout town for the public to see and enjoy. They envisioned creating an Art Walk. Inspired by their own passion for art, they wanted to share that enthusiasm with others. The biggest hurdle they faced was a lack of funding and while that challenge could have meant a dead end, the small committee wasn’t deterred from pursuing its dream.

As word about the project got out into the community, the ad-hoc Arts Committee’s vision was well received by a local artist who offered to donate a few pieces from his collection if they could be offered for sale while they were on display. The Committee agreed and speculated that perhaps such a consignment-type model could help fund the walk.

Despite being told by art experts that it was not feasible to count on selling art off the Art Walk, another artist came forward to offer to add his pieces into the collection. It was then that momentum began building.
Members of the Town Staff, the Mayor, Town Council and residents joined in the effort to bring Art to Yountville, offering their input and support as the project gained popularity.

To focus enthusiasm and explain the goal of bringing everyone together to support the arts, the Arts Committee developed a Mission Statement: “To provide vision, leadership, inspiration and support for artists and their art in Yountville, creating a bridge that links artists, community, visitors, business and government.”

The Committee became a Commission and beginning with an on-loan collection of a half-dozen sculptures, the Yountville Art Walk was established!
Now, over 12 years later, Yountville’s Art Walk has built a solid reputation and has proudly featured artists from around the world.

The sculptures are thoughtfully displayed throughout the Town, along busy sidewalks and in tranquil parks. Thousands of people have experienced their beauty and contrary to early predictions the Art Walk has resulted in the sale of over 30 sculptures.

Even during the unfathomable times caused by the pandemic and the Northern California wildfires that kept visitors away during much of 2020, a surprising number of sculptures were purchased.

The strong sales during tough times demonstrates that whether it’s the lines of a piece, it’s colors or the inspiration ones feels when resonating with an artist’s imagination and creativity – art touches everyone differently. Art beautifies space beyond time. If during good times art can energize, electrify and bring memories of a place in time, it also rings true that when hearts and minds are hurting or stressed art can provide relief from the mundane by capturing the mind and lifting the spirit with hope and light.

Yountville is all about passeggiata – the art of the stroll. Considered the “Culinary Capital” of the Napa Valley, it is home to exceptional restaurants and an abundance of unparalleled tasting rooms.

Through the shared experience of the Art Walk the small town known for its Food and Wine, proudly claims “Art has a seat at the table”.

Pull up a seat and join us!

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