The Associate Member Committee’s purpose is to strengthen the connection between residents of Yountville and the business community. The Associate Member Committee works to identify key issues that affect both the residents and businesses in Yountville and work on realistic solutions. The committee also works to identify volunteer opportunities for the greater Associate Member program.

Associate Member Committee Objectives

  • Welcome new Associate Members
  • Identify unique opportunities for Associate and Business Members to collaborate
  • Identify volunteer opportunities for Associate Members to take part in
  • Mobilize Associate members to be a positive force for change in Yountville
  • Recruit other Yountville Residents who would enjoy being an Associate Member
  • Be a Yountville Chamber of Commerce Champion

Associate Member Committee Successes FY 2020

In its first year, the Associate Member Committee focused on New Associate Member outreach, Associate Member retention, creating volunteer opportunities for Associate Members and being the resident voice on business friendly initiatives in Yountville.

The Associate Committee accomplished the following:

  • Recruited 26 new Associate Members
  • Acted as the Resident voice that Advocated for the By the Glass/By the Bottle service in Yountville Tasting Rooms
  • Volunteered at the Walk to End Alzheimer 
  • Volunteered in Three Kiwanis Town of Yountville Clean Ups


For Fiscal Year 2021, the Associate Member Committee had planned to focus on the following:

  • Welcoming new Associate Members
  • Creating a Welcoming Committee for new residents moving to Yountville
  • Continuing to partner with local non-profits for volunteer opportunities
  • Attending local community events as representatives of the Associate Member committee

Due to COVID-19 the Associate Member Committee has had to pivot their goals for Fiscal Year 2021. The Associate Member Committee are now focused on the following:

  • Retaining current Associate Members
  • Sharing the value of the Yountville Chamber of Commerce with our community
  • Sharing the value of the Associate Member program with Yountville residents
  • Helping in various ways to move our community forward through volunteer activities and more


If you are interested in becoming an Associate Member or being on the Associate Member Committee please reach out to Jessica Penman, Director of Community Relations, at jessica@yountville.com.