Thank you for your continued support of the Yountville Chamber of Commerce. The Yountville Chamber continues to focus on the modern needs of our members, our town and beyond. This Community Impact Report showcases highlights of our work over the past year. We are proud to continue to work with you to fulfill our mission of enriching the vibrancy of our community.

The Yountville Chamber of Commerce wears two hats. We serve as a traditional chamber of commerce and as the marketing arm for the destination of Yountville. We are proud of this dual role and believe our community is stronger because of it.

The Yountville Chamber of Commerce has four key values that drive everything we do. These values are the pillars of our organization, our heart and soul.


The most important role a chamber of commerce has is building a thriving community of connected people. This connectivity enables us to go farther together.

  • To help keep our members connected and informed, we created “All Member Virtual Meetings,” holding our first one on April 1, 2020. Over 1,200 members attended these weekly, then bi-weekly meetings. We now hold these meetings monthly. These meetings served as a way to stay connected with one another, get up to date information on the ever-changing guidelines in California, but also an opportunity to hear directly from our Elected Officials.
  • In December 2020, we partnered with N3 Laboratories, CORE and the Town of Yountville to launch a weekly COVID-19 Testing Clinic. We tested over 1,000 people in five months.
  • On March 23, 2021, we partnered with Safeway Pharmacy and the Town of Yountville to hold our first COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic. We held two clinics total, vaccinating over 900 Yountville residents and hospitality employees. Both COVID-19 testing and vaccine clinics are great examples of the Yountville Chamber identifying problems in our community and solving them to help not just our businesses but our entire community.
  • Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the 16th Annual Celebrity Chef Veterans Day Luncheon looked a little different in 2020. But we made the most of it! Our local chefs were “all in” to still create a gourmet meal for our Veterans. To help make the day special, we collaborated with Partners 2 Media to create a beautiful video tribute to our Veterans, this video can be viewed on our YouTube channel.
  • Our 4th Annual Membership Jubilee went virtual in 2021. We celebrated our 2021 AND 2020 Business & Community Award Winners, provided a chamber update and more. Again, we collaborated with Partners 2 Media on this virtual event, which can be viewed on our YouTube channel.



The Yountville Chamber is a fierce champion for a stronger community. This begins with a balance between our businesses and our residents.

  • In April 2020, we worked with Town staff to help craft the Yountville Transitional Support program, the first of its kind in Napa Valley. This program was designed to help our businesses transition operations outdoors during the pandemic, to keep both customers and employees safe. It was a smashing success, with over 35 businesses participating.
  • I am proud to say, yet again, Yountville lead the way in April 2021 by updating the Yountville Transitional Support Program to the Yountville Economic Recovery Program. Extending the operational flexibility measures until June 30, 2022. The chamber convened businesses together to provide input and support for this program extension.
  • In November 2020, the chamber worked with Town Staff to craft recommendations for Food & Wine Pairings in Yountville Tasting Rooms. We surveyed Yountville Tasting Rooms, met with Town Staff, spoke with Council members to identify the best solution for all. The solution has allowed Yountville Tasting Rooms to incorporate food pairings to supplement their educational wine tastings.
  • The Yountville Chamber continues to facilitate the Napa Hospitality Industry Partnership aka Napa HIP, a group of business and education leaders dedicated to supporting the issue of workforce development. Through this partnership we held two job fairs, one in summer 2020 and the second in spring of 2021, resulting in multiple hires from each.


We are a catalyst for business growth and strengthening our local economy, such as parking and signage. At the core of this is providing our businesses with the tools and resources they need to thrive.

  • We are thrilled Yountville Locals Day returned on June 3, 2021, taking place each Thursday. The goal of this program is to drive business during the week and encouraging locals to support Yountville businesses. We currently have 23 businesses participating!
  • In March 2021, we held the Yountville Sidewalk Cellar Sale, designed to drive commerce to our Tasting Rooms and Retailers. For our first one, it was very well received by visitors and locals alike. Discounted wines and retail items were for sale from 15 businesses throughout town.
  • Over the past year, nearly 500 members attended 16 different Professional Development webinars focused on a variety of topics, including digital marketing, content marketing, diversity equity and inclusion and more. Providing these educational opportunities is essential to our overall mission as a chamber.


We are proud to promote Yountville and the Napa Valley as a premier destination.

  • In Summer of 2020 we launched the Yountville Chamber of Commerce Facebook page! Dedicated to chamber news, updates, member news, community event announcements and more. To date, we have over 450 followers of this page. Follow us @YountvilleChamber on Facebook to hear the latest news!
  • For a second year in a row, at the annual Western Association of Chamber Executives Conference, the Yountville Chamber received an award for our website A huge accomplishment for us to win back-to-back and great recognition for our Town.
  • Our Welcome Back to Yountville video, launched in July 2020 and has been a fun and informative video to explain to visitors the “open status” of Yountville. This video has been viewed over 850 times and has been listed on the home page of and Visit our YouTube channel to view.
  • Earlier this year, we launched the Yountville Six Pack in partnership with six Tasting Rooms in Yountville. Designed to promote Yountville and encourage wine tasting from home.
  • On Social Media we focus on three channels: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Across these three channels we have over 70,200 followers, we focus on promoting our members and the destination.
  • Our destination marekting focused websites saw large growth over the past year. It is a beautful showcase of Yountville and our members. We saw over 312,000 unique visitors to over the last year, double what we saw the previous year.
  • In partnership with the NVTID – Yountville, we ran the third year of our digital advertising campaign. This program ran off and on for eight months, stopping and restarting due to Shelter-At-Home Orders and Wildfires. Over eight months, the campaign generated 26 Million impressions, 173,600 Thousand click throughs to with an average of 25 seconds on site.

While this Community Impact Report is not an exhaustive list of our work over the last year, we hope it provided you with insight into some of the highlights of what we do daily to help our community. When we are doing our job correctly, the Yountville Chamber sits at the intersection of helping businesses success and our community thrive. We thank you for your support and partnership as we continue to live up to this expectation.