Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Resources

As the voice of the business community, a convener, and information hub for our members; the Yountville Chamber recognizes we must be a leader and intentional about seeking the input and engagement of diverse groups.  We must create a welcoming environment for all people regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, age or ability.

We are proud of our members for implementing their own Diversity, Equity & Inclusion programs. We are grateful to be a chamber of commerce whose members are courageous and are doing the work. As part of our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion initiative, educational programs will be developed for our members to encourage this work. To help our community listen and learn how we can be better to one another.  We have also gathered these resources to help our members increase their awareness and increase their access to inviting people from diverse backgrounds into their business.


Check out this list of social media accounts to follow. It ranges from Black artist spotlights to educational seminars about combating racism, identifying white privilege, and resources to educate yourself on how to be an anti-racist.



21 Podcasts that confront racism in America: Podcasts alone won’t fix the undeniable racism, inequality, and injustice that Black Americans face, but they can deepen our understanding of the oppressive systems at work and our role in abolishing them today and every day.

Social Media Influencers



  • The Roots Fund – The Roots Fund was created to empower underrepresented minorities in the wine industry by providing resources and financial support through educational scholarships, wine education, mentor-ship, and job placement.  The Roots fund is committed to investing in the Black & Indigenous Wine Community to provide opportunities to those seeing a career/education in all aspects of wine.
  • Black-owned restaurants, pop-ups and caterers in the Bay Area – SF Chronicle’s crowd-sourced directory of black-owned food businesses that are open right now.
  • How to Support ​Black Lives and Community​ in the Bay Area – 7×7’s Running list of resources for how we can all engage and take action for racial justice now.