Launched in 2016, Napa Hospitality Industry Partnership (HIP) is led by lodging, winery, and restaurant employers in Napa County, California, and is supported by a range of community partners.

Napa HIP invests in the future of the Napa Hospitality Industry through employer and community collaboration, industry education and employee sustainability, to build a world-class workforce that supports our industry’s growth.

The Yountville Chamber of Commerce took over convening Napa HIP in 2019.

The Napa HIP meets every other month to continue our work on workforce issues in the Napa Valley.

Napa HIP Action Plan

Napa HIP met for the first time in PERSON since February of 2020 on Tuesday, August 31, at Silverado Resort and Spa. The main focus of the meeting was to analyze the current Napa HIP Action Plan and discuss creating a new Action Plan for Fiscal Year 2022.

The Napa HIP Action Plan currently identifies four strategies for Napa HIp to focus on:

  • Identify the Demand 
  • Improve Training Offerings in the Region to Enhance Soft Skills and Job-Specific Skills 
  • Increase Awareness and Exploration of Hospitality Careers Among Youth
  • HIP Member Program Participation

Recognizing that while all these are important Napa HIP is planning to focus more directly on strategies 1 and 3 in the upcoming year.

A new Action Plan will be presented at the October meeting

Napa County Virtual Hospitality Job Fair 

On Tuesday, August 24, 2021, Workforce Alliance of the North Bay and the five city chambers in Napa County partnered to put on a virtual job fair hosted on the primer virtual platform.

  • 55 businesses participated
  • 706 open positions posted
  • 55 potential job applicants registered
  • 24 resumes submitted

Napa HIP will look at partnering to put on another job fair in February of 2022 and is researching ways to engage more of the potential workforce. 

The Next Napa HIP meeting is on Tuesday, October 16, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. at Migration Winery. If you are interested in joining Napa HIP please email Jessica Penman, Director of Community Relations, at