The Yountville Chamber of Commerce is proud to Endorse Measure L.

Measure L funds critically important, enhanced fire prevention and protection projects as outlined in the Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP). This plan was created over an 18-month process with input from local leaders including Napa Communities Firewise Foundation and grassroots fire-safe councils.

What Measure L Does:

  • Lets Napa County take control of our own safety
  • Addresses wildfire risk at the source: reduce fuel loads, build strategic fuel breaks, improve fire-fighting access and evacuation route safety; increase firefighting resources
  • Funds these and other fire prevention projects in a plan called the Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP)
  • The CWPP outlines the work to be done. This work will minimize wildfire damage to local watersheds and drinking water sources; help prevent wildfires from threatening residential areas and businesses; create file breaks, reduce vegetation and flammable brush; and clear Napa County’s roads for first responders and evacuations
  • Requires every dollar generated only be spent on wildfire prevention and enhanced fire protection work and 100% of the money stays in Napa County
  • Ensures money is shared between the county, cities, and town
  • Provides strict rules for oversight, auditing, and transparency
  • Raises $10 million per year through a 1/4 cent sales tax

Why Measure L Makes Sense 

  • Dedicated to wildfire prevention projects & mitigation, nothing else
  • Guarantees a significant portion of the revenue comes from visitors
  • Brings needed, stable, and reliable funding to quickly build the CWPP projects, which exceed limited available government funding
  • Counts as local matching funding, which makes us more competitive for grant funding that is accessible
  • Costs working-class families far less than the economic consequences of catastrophic wildfires
  • Provides strict rules for oversight, auditing and transparency
  • Prevents economic damage to Napa County
  • Pats fires caused inflation on rent, insurance, and building supplies
  • Improves homeowners insurance market, Lover fire risk should mean better rates

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