The Yountville Chamber of Commerce wears two hats: as a traditional chamber of commerce and as the destination marketing organization for the Destination of Yountville.

As the marketing organization for Yountville one of the Yountville Chamber of Commerce’s responsibilities is to run the Yountville Welcome Center. The Yountville Welcome Center serves over 20,000 visitors a year. It is the first stop for many visitors to our beautiful valley, and it is run by a dedicated group of Welcome Center Volunteers.

Welcome Center Volunteers are passionate about helping our visitors discover what Yountville and Napa Valley have to offer. They are experts in recommending restaurants, wineries, activities, and hotels.

In order for our Volunteers to be as familiar with our members as possible, we book familiarization tours (FAM tours) through out the year. On FAM tours Volunteers get to learn about what makes each of our partners unique. They learn the best ways to recommend members and learn how to qualify visitors to send the right types of people to each separate business.

Volunteer FAM tours take place the second Tuesday and last Wednesday of every month.

If you are interested in signing up to host a volunteer FAM tour please email Jessica, Director of Community Relations, at