The November 2020 Election Forum took place on Wednesday, October 7 from 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. via YouTube, Facebook Live, and Channel 28. The Forum featured the four Yountville Town Council candidates: Councilmember Margie Mohler, Councilmember Jeff Durham, candidate Scott Owens and candidate Eric Knight. It also featured a discussion about the Cannabis Ballot Measure T.

Watch the full Election Forum here

*due to technical difficult the answers from Town Council Candidate Eric Knight have been transcribed and can be read here

Candidate Debate 

The following questions were asked to each candidate:

Topic: Town Budget

  1. If the revenue shortfall in TOT and sales taxes continues for a longer duration what impact do you see on the Town’s budget? And how would you approach adjusting the Town’s budget to meet available reduced General Fund revenue?

Topic: Measure T

  1. What is your position on Measure T and why?

Topic: Yountville Veterans Home

  1. Our Veterans are an important part of our Community. How do you plan to engage with the residents and staff at the Yountville Veterans Home?

Topic: Housing

  1. How would you propose the Town meet the state mandated housing requirements given we are nearly built-out?

Topic: Water

  1. The Town’s water and wastewater systems are critical for Yountville. Given predictions that costs will continue to increase, what will you do when the town council needs to review and reconsider the rate structure for these systems? How does the Veterans Home factor into your consideration?

Topic: Community Relations

  1. What is your process for validating people’s concerns on issues, even if you do not agree with their position?

Topic: Retail Diversity

  1. What is your opinion about the Town’s retail diversity policy? What would you do to improve or modify retail diversity in town?

Topic: Vision for the Future

  1. By many accounts, Yountville is the envy of the small towns in Napa Valley. What is your vision for the future of Yountville? How do we evolve as a community?


Discussion on Measure T

Representatives from the pro and con sides of Measure T (Regulation and Taxation of Cannabis Retail Businesses)were given the opportunity to speak about their views on the proposed measure.

For moreinformation on Measure T click here.

The Pro Representatives where residents Larry Kamer and Jeff Durham.

The Con Representatives where Billie Hewitt and Andrew Hoxsey.


The following questions were asked of both sides:
  1. Describe in some detail what the proposed Cannabis Retail ordinance would allow to occur in town?
  1. Explain the similarities and differences of cannabis use compared to the consumption of wine or other alcohol, possibly even from one of our tasting rooms or restaurants?
  1. Other small California cities including Cotati, Sebastopol, Fairfax, Aptos, Carmel, Pacific Grove, and South Lake Tahoe have retail cannabis permits. High-end tourist destinations such as Aspen, Breckenridge, Snowmass, Telluride and Trinidad also have cannabis retail establishments in operation. Describe the pros and cons for Yountville if voters approve Measure T.
  1. What would the cost-benefit analysis be of having a cannabis retail business in town?
  1. If voters do approve Measure T, how would you work with the Town Council, staff and the public on next steps related to cannabis retail in Yountville?