The Yountville Chamber of Commerce is excited for our first every series of Diversity & Inclusion Webinars, featuring four unique sessions beginning July 23 through August 13. These webinars are free upon registration and participants do not need to be Yountville Chamber members to attend.

President & CEO Whitney Diver McEvoy explains, “It is important that we address diversity and inclusion in our community. We hope these free webinars will be useful and educational for our business community.”

The Yountville Chamber of Commerce 2020 Diversity & Inclusivity Webinar Series will be held on four successive Thursdays, beginning at noon, and will feature a variety of topics, including “Hiring & Company Culture”, “How a Shift to Diversity Marketing Affects My Business & How to Pivot Naturally”, “Organic Diversity Marketing, Driving New Markets to Your Business”, and “Diversity, Inclusion, & The Wine Industry”. The Yountville Chamber positions itself at the crossroad of community and business. This webinar series will help our businesses understand and address the needs of an underserved population. The Yountville Chamber is dedicated to providing educational opportunities that allow for business growth and help to promote a vibrant community.

Webinar presenters and speakers include: Tauri Laws-Phillips, Diversity & Inclusion Facilitator/Consultant; Carlton McCoy, Master Sommelier, CEO, Heitz Cellars; and Tahiirah Habibi, Sommelier and Founder of The Hue Society.

Complete webinar series details and descriptions can be found below.

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Workforce Inclusivity: Hiring & Company Culture

Listen to the recorded webinar here

Thursday, July 23
12:00 p.m.
Presented by Tauri Laws-Phillips
Learn how to and why:
Create a culture that supports diversity and inclusivity through open communication
Navigate changes in corporate culture and increase diversity
Diminishing bias and increasing inclusivity also increases productivity and employee retention
By valuing differences — whether related to race, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation — your company is better equipped to engage top industry talent and improve long-term success. By embracing a diverse workforce, you’re better qualified to serve diverse customers and communities.

We will dive deep into:

Understanding diversity and how it makes today’s organizations stronger
Get tips on how to build a workplace where respect is the foundation of your culture
Understand how your own experiences lead to hidden biases and stereotypes
Get tips on how to build a workplace where respect is the foundation of your culture
Understand how your own experiences lead to hidden biases and stereotypes
Identify the most important communication skills needed to get along and work together
Learn the right way to explore differences and common ground — making it easier to build trust

Workforce Diversity: How a Shift to Diversity Marketing Affects My Business & How to Pivot Naturally
Thursday, July 30
12:00 p.m.\
Presented by Tauri Laws-Phillips
Learn how to and why:
The impact of diversity on tourism
Cost effective ways to be inclusive with tourism marketing
Benefits of inviting new markets into your business
Historically companies have been afraid of alienating white travelers who have been their bread and butter for decades. Including diversity in travel ads may not always be an easy call to make from a business perspective. Diversity advertising must be calculated and thoughtful rather than rushed and non-representative.

Workforce Diversity: Organic Diversity Marketing, Driving New Markets to Your Business
Thursday, August 6
12:00 p.m.
Presented by Tauri Laws-Phillips
Learn how to and why:
How to create more inclusive and diverse social media campaigns
Create partnerships that diversify your marketing efforts
How to get paid and earned opportunities for diverse marketing
Savvy content marketers see multicultural marketing as an intriguing expedition rather than a nagging problem. In a rapidly changing world, representing diversity in advertising and marketing is a never-ending challenge. Diversity and inclusion should not stand as buzzwords alone; but should be treated as a reflection point where marketers strive for approaches that avoid reductive stereotypes and unintentional perpetuation of classism, racism, sexism, tokenism

Diversity, Inclusion, & The Wine Industry
Thursday, August 13
12:00 p.m.
Presented by Carlton McCoy and Tahiirah Habibi
Learn how to and why:
What microaggressions and biases are out there in the wine industry
How to authentically include diversity in the wine industry, as both employees and customers
How to support diversity in the wine industry

Speakers Bios

Tauri Laws-Phillips
Comedienne, Marketing Guru, and Mother
With over 10 years as an improviser and corporate facilitator, she practices the basic tenets of improv throughout her professional career with building cohesive teams, innovative ideation and precision execution. She has developed diversity and inclusion training for companies in multiple verticals with a focus on unconscious bias. Tauri is currently a mentor for SKU Brand Accelerator and contractor building several small brands, formerly the Vice President of Marketing for American English Haircare and has worked to build and market brands for Unilever and Southwest Media Group.

Carlton McCoy
Master Sommelier, CEO, Heitz Cellars
Named a Master Sommelier in 2013 at just 28 years old, Carlton was one of the youngest people and the second African American to earn this prestigious title. In 2018, Carlton became President and CEO of Heitz Cellar in Napa Valley. In addition to his restructuring and implementing his vision for Heitz Cellars, he has partnered with Tahiirah Habibi with The Hue Society to create The Roots Fund, a fund to empower underrepresented minorities in the wine industry by providing resources and financial support through educational scholarships, wine education, mentorship and job placement. Roots Fund is committed to investing into the Black wine community to provide opportunities to those seeking a career in all aspects of wine.

Tahiirah Habibi
Founder of The Hue Society & Sommelier
Tahiirah Habibi always had a passion for uplifting the community. In 2017, she launched Hue Society as a safe space for the community to learn, commune and find resources in one place. Tahiirah has been featured in Ocean Drive as one of the top 5 female sommeliers, VinePair,, Upscale Magazine, David Banner Podcast and Imbibe Magazine to name a few. Her work is rooted in enhancing and empowering the community for both consumers and business owners. Tahiirah has a passion to make an indelible impact in the wine industry through our experiences, assimilation not required.