On Friday, March 6, the Yountville Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors convened for their Annual Board Retreat. The retreat was facilitated by B Gorman, owner of B Great Leadership.

The goal of the Annual Board Retreat is to set the strategic objectives of the Yountville Chamber of Commerce for the coming year.

Based on the outcomes of the Board Retreat, staff puts together the tactics to accomplish the strategic objectives.

This years Board Retreat focused primarily on economic issues as they relate to Yountville and Napa Valley’s success.

The Board of Directors worked through the following two questions:

  1. What are the issues of importance to our members that are or could impact positive economic growth in the Napa Valley?
  2. What do we want the Yountville Chamber to be known for, in alignment with our Vision?

Based on the discussions around these two questions, staff will then put together a draft Strategic Plan for the Board to review at the April Board meeting. With final approval of the plan taking place at the May meeting.

To learn more about the Yountville Chamber of Commerce 2019-2020 Strategic Plan click here.