Launched in 2016, Napa Hospitality Industry Partnership (HIP) is led by lodging, winery, and restaurant employers in Napa County, California, and supported by a range of community partners.

Napa HIP invests in the future of the Napa Hospitality Industry through employer and community collaboration, industry education and employee sustainability, to build a world-class workforce that supports our industry’s growth.

The Yountville Chamber of Commerce took over convening Napa HIP in 2019.

The Napa HIP meets every other month to continue our work on workforce issues in the Napa Valley.

NapaLearns Virtual Academy

The second semester of NapaLearns Virtual Academy starts next week!

In the wake of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, students’ lives have been turned upside down. They are increasingly concerned about their futures and are considering alternative education paths that can provide them with the training and support they need to expedite their entry into the workforce or to give them a leg up as they pursue college.

The NapaLearns Virtual Career Academy delivers the coursework, instructors, mentorship, and access to the software and labs needed to earn one or more entry level certifications in their chosen area of study. In addition, test prep will be provided and exam fees are covered.

Classes offered include: Digital Marketing, Digital Design, and IT security.

NapaLearns looks forward to expanding this program in the future and is looking for more business partners to offset the cost of the offering the program.

Napa County Office of Education

In these crazy times, it’s vital for students to have interaction with career mentors and the virtual mentorship allows for students in Napa County to continue to connect with industry professionals.

Napa County Office of Education is hosting an 6-week virtual mentorship program for high school students in Career Technical Education pathways across Napa County and are looking for business partners. The second cohort of virtual mentors starts the first week of March.

The current cohort is full but there will be one last cohort starting in April 2021.

For the next cohort NCOE  is especially looking for chefs to participate as mentors for culinary pathways students in St. Helena and Calistoga.

If you are interested in participating in NCOE programs reach out to Angela Higdon, Napa County Office of Education at or (707) 253-6939.

Work Force Alliance of the North Bay

The Work Force Alliance of the North Bay is excited to announce a new platform for their upcoming Virtual Job Fairs, Premier Virtual. Premier Virtual allows for employers to set up virtual “booths”, post job descriptions, read potential employee resume’s and interact directly with potential applicants during job fairs. Work Force Alliance of the North Bay will be using the new platform for their April 6 regional Job Fair.

Work Force Alliance of the North Bay continues to hold webinars for businesses and employees impacted by COVID-19.

Industry Update

The Napa County hospitality industry is excited to be open and serving visitors. As we start to welcome visitors back to our region workforce concerns are top of mind. Before the pandemic, Napa County had an Unemployment rate under 3%. During the pandemic many hospitality workers left the area or the industry and there is an over all worry that it will be even harder to hire qualified employees.

Napa HIP will undertake a new project this spring to consolidate all of the current employer and employee resources that are offered by community partners in Napa County. This information will live on the Napa HIP Website, Napa County Chamber’s websites, and any other community partner who wishes to share the information. Members of HIP agree that it is not lack of programs but a lack of knowledge ABOUT these programs that is hindering the workforce in Napa County from continuing to grow and prosper.

This project will be complete by the next Napa HIP meeting in April 2021.

The Next Napa HIP meeting is on Tuesday, April 27, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. via Zoom. If you are interested in joining Napa HIP please email Jessica Penman, Director of Community Relations, at