What a year it has been! While reflecting back on 2020, our Yountville and Napa Valley communities have been through tremendous ups and downs. The Yountville Chamber of Commerce, just like your business, has endured months of unknown and pivoted again and again. What keeps us going day to day is our chamber family, knowing everything we do is helping our neighbors and community at large. We are so grateful for your support, your engagement and most of all your commitment to your employees, your neighbors and the Napa Valley.

We believe our chamber is a family, here to lean on one another in difficult times and celebrate in the good times. 2020 has solidified our connection, we aren’t just a membership organization here to deliver services to our members. We are a family that works together to ensure we are successful individually and as a whole.

When we created our COVID-19 Action Plan in March, we had no idea it would create a framework for us to help one another time and time again. We figured out so many challenging things together, and we couldn’t do it without you.

Your support of the Yountville Chamber of Commerce enables us to continue striving to fulfill our mission of Enriching the Vibrancy of our Community. As we look ahead to the new year and all the hope 2021 brings, we thank you for being by our side, for all the virtual hugs, smiling faces on Zoom, and the unsaid commitment to one another, that we’ve got your back and you have ours.

Cheers to a prosperous future and a very happy new year!

Whitney Diver McEvoy
President & CEO
Yountville Chamber of Commerce