Each year, the Yountville Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors works with staff to create our Annual Strategic Plan.

The Annual Strategic Plan drives the Yountville Chamber’s workplan for the year. Within the Strategic Plan are five objectives that guide our efforts. They are:

Objective 1: Generate Positive Economic Impact for Yountville and Surrounding Community
Objective 2: Exceed Visitor Expectations
Objective 3: Nurture and Cultivate Productive, Mutually Beneficial Relationships with Stakeholders
Objective 4: Run an Effective and Sustainable Business
Objective 5: Influence the Long-term Director of Yountville and its Brand

Under each of these objectives are dozens of tactics that staff work on throughout the year. We reflect on what our community and members need prior to creating these tactics. Below are a few of our top priorities for the upcoming fiscal year.

Workforce Development:

We are passionate about leading in the area of workforce development. We are actively working with our education partners throughout Napa County, to ensure our workforce has the tools and resources they need to find jobs, upskill, and thrive.

A Culture of Exceptional Guest Experiences:

Elevating the guest experience in Yountville and the Napa Valley is critical to the economic success of our community. We are working with businesses to encourage them to adapt to new customer expectations. Crafting unique, intimate experiences.

Championing Business Friendly Policies:

We are proud to be the voice of business, representing business interests at various levels of government. We continue to work collaboratively with staff at the Town and County level to find business friendly policy solutions.

Continue as needed our COVID-19 Pandemic Action Plan:

As we continue to wade through the COVID-19 Pandemic, our Action Plan serves as a “north star” to ensure we are providing our members with the information and resources they need during this difficult time.

To read through our Annual Strategic Plan, click here. Our Community Impact Report showcases our accomplishments from the 2019/2020 fiscal year. Click here to explore the report and learn about all the wonderful work we completed last year.

We look forward to a robust 2020/2021 fiscal year continuing to fulfill our mission of Enriching the Vibrancy of our Community.